Monday, November 29, 2010

ZOMBIES!!!! Hide yo' kids and hide yo' wife, cause they're eating e'erbody out here!

No no, not the Cranberries!


No one told me but apperently Dead Week means that zombies run rampent around Stanford University eating people's brains. Apparently so Stanford University is a big place for brains to gather and Zombies tend to garner around where there are a lot of brains. Why they show up a week before finals is fairly uncertain. One extreme theory is that due to the high amount of studying and less activity at the Frats, zombies have been able to finally catch up with the pace of Stanford Students. Approximately 50 unlucky students have been eaten and turned into zombies, among them being my RA Jordan... 

 And only a week before finals... I'm astounded. Only yesterday I was making my way through Main Quad, and suddenly these Zombies came running out after me. I managed to make it away in time. 

1. Stanford Police have managed to secure the libraries and dorm houses on campus, they are the best place to hole up.
2. Silence is key. If you're not silent, they will hear you... AND EAT YOU!
3. Always have non-perishables and water.
4. Always have an escape route. Make sure that you don't end up in closed spaces... Like the alley between Green Library and School of Education. 
5. AND.... CARDIO! ;)

Have fun Zombie Hunting!!!

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